Chicago Public Schools Network 5 joined forces with Driskill Foundation, Stanley Manne Research Center, Lurie Children's Hospital, and InSciEd Out to provide the first official InSciEd Chicago teacher internship.

Twenty five teachers attended the workshop for 12 Days. The overall theme of the workshop was "My Mind, My Body", and teachers wrestled with ideas of mental health and addiction in their school communities.

Teacher-driven research included studies of epilepsy and brain development, childhood trauma, resilience, and bipolar disorders. The internship also included representative administrators from seven schools attending their own workshop in supporting the risks of innovation taken by teachers of the program. The programs culminated in a scientific poster session on August 14, where teachers shared their pedagogical and scientific journey.

InSciEd Chicago is led by coordinator Dr. Karim Mustafa and is funded through a generous grant from Driskill Foundation to Lurie Children's Hospital, InSciEd Out Foundation, and Mayo Clinic.