Our Impact

InSciEd Out is changing the world one local community at a time. Our hubs function as the main touch point for a local collection of InSciEd Out schools.

We make a difference by making science accessible, fun and easy to learn.

Students of InSciEd Out have demonstrated growth in the selection of honors and elective science, and have done measurably better in science proficiency.


The fact that InSciEd Out helps you build this network, we have professionals coming in and supporting us from the community in our classrooms. We get to think about what a scientist really looks like and really means. We get to really hit hard some things that students really want to learn more about and really don’t understand. Things that are happening to them in their worlds. 

– Lori, Instructional Coach, James Madison Middle School, Brevard County Florida Locations

We believe that science education is critical and are joining forces with like‑minded educators.

The InSciEd Out experience was very intense, and difficult but also really changed me personally to how I approach teaching now. I now aim to be inquiry based instead of trying to fill kids up with knowledge. 

– Kelly, Teacher, Willow Lane Elementary, Minnesota

Ultimately, the lessons and thought process we instill aren't just core to science education, but to learning and critical thinking.

An awesome opportunity for students, teachers, adults to not only dig into standards but pedagogy based science -researching and developing your own ideas and thought process and then experimenting on it to learn something new. It is so so important to learn about research and failure, having that productive struggle in the classroom.

– Lori, Instructional Coach, James Madison Middle School, Brevard County Florida